Chateau of Ribeaucourt

The Chateau of Ribeaucourt is located 180 km north of Paris, in the heart of Picardy, a typical rural and  bucolic french region.

In-between preserved woods full of wildlife and a typical Picard village, its 38 acres property is divided between a park inhabited by semi-domesticated deers, peacocks and pheasants, and an 'à la Francaise' garden maintained in the 18th century style.

The chateau itself is registered in the French National Monuments Inventory. It was built in the 17th  century, in a style of stone and bricks typical of the north of France.

The chateau holds 4 guest rooms, as well as a full suite of dining rooms, living rooms and a ballroom  allowing hosting of events such as ceremonies, meetings and receptions. Its very quiet, restful and  full of charm surrounding make it particularly well suited to hold workshops and off site meetings.

Besides the attractiveness of the chateau, the county is also a very appreciated sightseeing location:

A flourishing region during the late middle ages, Picardy is renowned as the country of gothic
cathedrals and other middle ages monuments, such as abbeys, dungeons and castles, providing
many opportunities for historical and architectural sightseeing. In summer, the Saint Riquier town holds  an international class classical music festival, with renowned guest stars such as Mislav Rostropovitch and Mikael Rudy.

Nearby lakes, ponds, shallow waters and wide beaches welcoming rare bird species make it a land of
choice for nature lovers, enabling delightful nature walks and wildlife observing. Fishing and hunting are also possible during the appropriate season.

address: Mr. Baudel, Chateau, Ribeaucourt, 80620 France
phone: 33+ 3 22 54 09 52