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About me

highC: draw your music

2007-2012 HighC is a music creation tool. Its goal is to make music composition as simple and direct as sketching. The concepts behind this instrument, most notably its ability to create a sense of synesthesia have kept fascinating me, as I think they reveal a lot of insights on what human computer interaction is about: transforming objects made of bits into representations made of atoms and vice-versa. see and hear more...

maths... everywhere

2010 How to entice teenagers to discover mathematics? Des Maths... Partout? is an interactive exihbit, featuring hands-on manipulations and experiences. The exhibit was created by Scientipole-Savoirs-Société and a team of renowned mathematicians of the best Mathematic institutions in France. This exhibithas been touring various places around Paris over 6 years. see more...


Various texts that have been referenced elsewhere.

teaching resources

2002-2009 Emerging trends in interactive information technologies. Course material for a seminar I gave periodically at institutions such as INSEAD, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, Université de Poitiers...

2015 Théorie des graphes pour les CE1 et CE2.

1998 An animated tutorial on in-place sort algoritms.

tools and gui toolkits

Intense practice and teaching of GUI development have provided the opportunity to leave a few remarks and observations on how tools for the development of user interfaces should be designed. Nowadays, the web is everything, but some nuggets may still provide useful insights: