grasping the bytes: information visualization the use of computer-supported interactive visual representations of abstract data to amplify cognition. A quick introduction (Part of a course on emerging trends in interactive computing systems, 2002-2008).


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visual analytics for decision automation

2008-2013 This project aims at applying visual analytics techniques to address some well-identified challenges of Business Rules Management Systems. Those challenges involve providing business users with tools to better understand the structure and properties of the business rules system they design, and leveraging analytics tools to better anticipate emerging effects among massive automated decision systems. I worked with Frank van Ham and co-advised Bertjan Broeksema's PhD thesis at the IBM France Lab. Some published results:

ilog discovery

2002-2008 In the 80's, the spreadsheet revolutionized the world of data analytics. However, its interaction model doesn't scale when available datasets grow by order of magnitudes. ILOG Discovery provides means to visualize and manipulate very large datasets interactively. It defines a formal visualization model called "data-linear visualizations", which can be compared to the relational model of databases, and leverages this model to allow interactive construction of visualizations, as well as means to reverse the model to provide means to edit data through the inverse operators.

algorithm visualization

08/1998 A reimplementation of Ron Baecker's seminal application "sorting out sorting", which started the domain of algorithm animation. This applet lets you choose sort algorithms and let them race again each other. see more... (fr)