grasping the bytes

At the interface between the physical and informational worlds, this site explores an abstract vision of interactive information technologies. Through elaborated or brief opinions, essays, and as much interactive material as possible, it intends to let the message of this site reify itself. As for the look and feel of this site, don't expect anything polished: this site is meant to be a perpetual experiment too. read more...

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08/04/2007 HighC: draw your music



25/01/2006 software is meant to be free!

12/01/2005 About the "grasping the bytes" experience

24/12/2004 PhD thesis online

ILOG Discovery, an information visualization tool.

Morphology of interaction:
HighC: draw your music
Ligne Claire

GUI Toolkits:
What is a command?
What is a tool?

Maths... Everywhere

25/10/2010 How to entice teenagers to discover mathematics? Des Maths... Partout? is an interactive exihbit, featuring hands-on manipulations and experiences. The exhibit was created by Scientipole-Savoirs-Société and a team of renowned mathematicians of the best Mathematic institutions in France. This exhibit will be touring various places around Paris for the next few years. see more...

HighC: draw your music

08/04/2007 HighC is a music creation tool. Its goal is to make music composition as simple and direct as sketching. The concepts behind this instrument, most notably its ability to create a sense of synesthesia have kept fascinating me, as I think they reveal a lot of insights on what human computer interaction is about: transforming objects made of bits into representations made of atoms and vice-versa. see and hear more...

Software is meant to be free!

25/01/2006 Assuming a competitive, market-based economy, any software of sufficiently broad usage is bound to become free, as its marginal production cost is null. The free software movement is nothing more than the social expression of this basic economical fact. Software distinguishes itself from other works of the mind, such as music, in that its originality is by no means a part of its value or utility. As a consequence, the software industry is bound to live on the margins generated by software innovation and specialization. read more...

TML: a testbed for fluid interaction

20/10/2005 TML is a drawing editor experimenting with fluid interaction techniques and full screen user interface. This combines a range of quickly implemented user interface techniques inspired from past research, such as work on the hotbox, Ligne Claire, toolglass and magic lenses. Check out the interactive demo. see more...

Sort Algorithms Visualizer

08/1998 A reimplementation of Ron Baecker's seminal application "sorting out sorting", which started the domain of algorithm animation. This applet lets you choose sort algorithms and let them race again each other. see more...

Morphological Aspects of Human Computer Interaction: Studies of Gesture-Based Interaction

28/12/2004 The morphology of Human-Computer Interaction is the description of the elementary actions of use of a computerized information processing system. An interacting user triggers input devices, which emit signals interpreted by the system. These signals are processed and grouped as events, autonomous entities corresponding to elementary modifications of information objects. We intend to describe these entities, from the perspective of the user producing them, as well as from their integration in the system. read more...