Sort Algorithms Visualizer

Choose up to 6 algorithms you'd like to compare in the first combo box, then choose a distribution in the second combo box: you'll see the sorting algorithms race against each other.

grasping the bytes > Information Visualization > Sort Algorithm Visualizer - (fr)


About sorting

Sort algorithms



About the applet (source code).

The above pane allows you to compare visually various algorithms. Choose up to 6 algorithms you'd like to compare, set a comparison time and an exchange time that matches the relative proportion of compare time vs. exchange time, then choose a distribution:  you'll see an initial array that gets sorted before your eyes with the chosen approaches.

On the X axes, you see the index values of the array to be sorted. in the Y axes, you see the current value of the item in the array's cell. Red cells show the last items that where compared again each other, Magenta cells show the last moves that where performed.

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