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Interactive observations:

Compare slow and fast versions of the naive approaches: Bubble and Shaker sorts, Insertion and dichotomic insertion (1 and 2), shell sorts, quick sort and quicker sorts.

Notice the differing ways the professional approaches have to improve the distribution of the items: Shell sort "squeezes" the items along the diagonal, while quicksort divides the array in "blocks".

Find out for which distributions is quick sort (and quicker sort) slow, or at least slower than shell sort.

Define worst case scenarios for sorts, in particular for shell sort.

Exam subjects

I have some exam subjects that I think take clear advantage of the presentation using the sort vizualiser. These range for CS 101 level to olympiads in algorithmics level. I can't really give them out here, since it would spoil them, but if you are a teacher in algorithmic, I'd be ready to exchange subjects and ideas.

Invoice sorting

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