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Sort Algorithms Visualizer

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About the applet (source code).

Sort menu:

Choose among the 13 currently implemented algorithms

Clear all: removes all the items in the pane. Necessary to start a new set of comparisons.

Distribution type menu:

Allows one to start a sort, using the specified distribution: random, sorted, inverted, almost sorted and almost inverted. inverted is very usefull to understand the way each algorithm work. it also happens to produce nice animations.

Stop item: Stops the current sorts. Warning: the sort can't be restarted yet...

Comparison and exchange fields

These can be used either to slow down the run of the sort, to allow observing comparisons and moves more easily, or to set the relative weight of comparison time vs exchange time.

Known bugs

One has to clear all items after a sort has been carried to start another sort: some laziness from my part.

The display freezes: move the mouse over the pane.